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Why Chief

At CHIEF Buildings, we believe the only thing stronger than our metal buildings are our relationships.

Consider CHIEF a business partner that is committed to making sure your project happens on time and within budget. With over 50 years experience, we know how to get from the planning phase to move-in day.

That’s what makes us . . .


Trusted. Tested. True.


Often hidden behind a brick veneer or a glass storefront, our building systems are trusted by numerous national brands and local "mom and pop's" all across America. With our tested and highly capable Network of Builders canvasing all fifty states, you always work with a local contractor that knows your market. Our unwavering work ethic means our customers can expect unparalleled personal attention, which holds true to our midwest family values.


If your needs lie in the highly architectural world of retail and commercial real estate, then we’ve got you covered. How about recreational and sporting venues? No problem. Maybe you need acres under roof for warehousing, industrial, or manufacturing purposes. That is right in our wheelhouse. We typically complete many aviation hangars and vehicle maintenance facilites for private, public and local governments every year. Simply put, our buildings are versatile, long lasting, energy efficient, economical, and environmentally responsible.


But don’t let over fifty years of past successes be the only reason to choose us. Contact Us today. We will listen to your needs and make sure that the solution we bring to the table makes sense for you. Find out the answer to "Why CHIEF" for yourself.

Why Metal Buildings

Metal building systems have proven time and again to be the most economical use of steel for low-rise, non-residential construction. Trust us. We’ve been doing this since 1966. 

Custom Builds

Most of what we build is custom, never to be reproduced. Forget about the limitations of stock lengths, widths, or bay spacings. There are optimal designs that help minimize costs while still delivering the design performance required, but some things just can't be put into those boxes. Solving the unique problems that come along with each new build is something that we do everyday. We build limitless styles for endless operational needs. And we provide solutions as much as we provide buildings.

Roof Systems

Our advanced standing seam roof systems provide excellent weather resistance, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency, all at an excellent value. Standing seam roof systems have proven themselves as lifetime products when cared for properly. Never again will you have to factor in a re-roof. With minimal maintenance, a standing seam roof can outlast us all. Third party testing has proven that a Galvalume standing seam roof can exceed 60 years of useable life.   

Metal Wall Panels

Our metal wall panels are versatile, attractive, and best of all, economical. A perfect blend of form and function. Pre-painted, single skin metal panel walls are the most economical solution to providing long-term enclosed space in a building project. With finish warranties of 35 years, there is no need to factor in the expense of a repaint every 3-5 years. Using a unique profile and 26- or 24- gauge construction, the CHIEF Standard (CS) and Architectural Panel (AP) wall offerings are guaranteed to please.  

Quick to Build

We understand getting your operation up and running is a top priority, and there is no quicker way to make that happen than with a metal building system. At CHIEF, we can help you get into business quicker by minimizing design time and on-site construction. Our network of highly capable Builders are located throughout the US and poised to deliver you the service and the building you need within your schedule. 

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